Decentralized Finance on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Oikos is an initiative to bring key DeFi applications to the Binance Smart Chain network.


Decentralised Synthetic Assets

Oikos is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) based synthetic asset platform that provides on-chain exposure to fiat currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices. Synthetic assets (Synths) are backed by Oikos Network Tokens (OKS) locked into a smart contract as collateral. Synths track the prices of various assets, allowing crypto-native and unbanked users to trade P2C (peer-to-contract) on Oikos Exchange without liquidity limitations.


Price data is obtained via multiple trusted sources and aggregated to create a robust price oracle mechanism

Developer tools make it easy to create applications leveraging Oikos services

Trade over 30 different Synths from various categories

Join liquidity pools to collect fees on BNB-BEP20 pairs. Trade BNB for any BEP20 without wrapping.

Liquidity-sensitive automated pricing using constant product formula.


Q2 2020

Alpha launch, token distribution event, official BSC main-net launch.

Q3 2020

Official audit, listing on exchanges, launch of additional Synths.

Q4 2020

Launch of mobile-ready user interface, port TheGraph to BSC network.

Q1 2021

Integrate ChainLink technology, research on decentralized governance models, alternative liquidation mechanism.

Q2 2021

Support for more complex trading instruments. Transition to a fully decentralized governance model, use of BNB as collateral for Synth issuance.


Blockchain engineers, mad scientists and marketing ninjas. We're hiring!

Manuel Corona
Manuel Corona
Co-Founder & Marketing Expert

Manuel had an early fascination with technology that led him to work with many talented people and co-found several technology projects. He is a skilled marketer, IT expert and his interests span from programming to distributed system design and of course, cryptocurrencies. His early vision for Oikos was determinant and he led the project from the idea phase to deployment.

Albert Rodriguez
Albert Rodriguez
Co-Founder & Mad Scientist

Albert is an early Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain adopter. His fascination for DeFi lead him to come up with the idea for Oikos and everything started from there. He is also a very talented developer with experience in several programming languages. His daily routine consists in drinking a lot of coffee, writing code and thinking of new possible directions for Oikos.

Kevin Holder
Kevin Holder
Software Engineer

Kevin is a talented software engineer that has been through the whole technology stack during the course of his career, from cryptography to front end web development. Before Oikos, he spent his time developing smart contracts, studying decentralized applications and contributing to open source. His programming languages of choice are, in no particular order, Solidity, JavaScript and Rust.

Mike Chan
Mike Chan
Community & Business Development

Before Oikos, Mike was a financial and marketing expert in the Banking & FinTech industry. During his time in traditional banking, he was exposed to many flaws to which he saw DeFi has an ultimate solution. His enthusiasm for Blockchain and FinTech makes him a perfectionist in his work. His knowledge and work ethic provides tremendous value to Oikos.

Oikos USD stable coin
Oikos BNB Synth
Oikos ETH Synth
Oikos BTC Synth
Oikos XAU (Gold) Synth
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